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A-Team Outfitting is the premier destination for your next hunting trip, specializing in Alaska bear hunts for Black, Alaskan Brown, and Grizzly. We also offer Moose hunts, as well as opportunities for Wolf, Wolverine, and Caribou. About your guide: Tyler Kuhn is our head guide, owner, and operator. Tyler came from a modest background and learned to hunt and fish at an early age as a way to feed himself and his family. He quickly realized that on top of being able to source his own food, he also found solace in the wild. Eventually, Tyler turned his passion into a thriving business. He has now been in Guide Industry for close to 10 years now. A-Team Outfitting was founded on Tyler's goal of elevating the client experience and aiming to provide the best possible trip for his guests, all while setting realistic expectations and providing cost transparency. Today, Tyler spends roughly 260+ days per year in the field and guides clients from all over the world.

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