10-Day Spot & Stalk Grizzly/Brown Spring

that starts on June 5th until June 15th.
Costs from $16,500.00 to $18,500.00.

10-day Alaska Grizzly Stalk & Hunt in the interior of Alaska. Hunt is conducted in the high country. We are perusing bears that are chasing Sows in the alpine country during the breeding season. The client typically sees between 1 and 5 bears during the hunt. The average bear harvested is between 7 and 8.6ft. This area has a lot of color phase bears. We have seen and harvested bears that were Brown, Reddish Brown, Black, Blonde, White, and Toklat.

What to Expect

Clients will fly into Anchorage from their home airport. They will be picked up by an A-Team representative or a shuttle van service that typically takes them to an Airbnb in Willow where they will spend the night. The following morning they will fly out of Willow and begin the hunt. Since clients cannot hunt the day they fly they will spend the first day setting up camp, glassing for bears, and coming up with a game plan for the next day. Clients can expect to hike between 1-4 miles per day. Some of our less mobile clients may choose to hunt out of the base camp (we have killed many bears within 1,000 yards of the tent.) Others may wish to backpack around and explore the tens of miles of mountain drainages that make up the hunting area. Once the bear is harvested it is our top priority to preserve and prepare the bear for leaving the field, we turn and salt the hide in camp drying it out to keep it fresh and ready for tanning services to begin. Once the hunt is over, the client will be brought back into town (willow) and hauled back to Anchorage. We recommend using "Arctic Wolf Tannery" They do close to 90% of our customers' work, including my own hides. They will tan the bear and clean the skull. After this, they will custom crate and ship the bear to your address or Taxidermist of choice anywhere in the world. They typically speed up the process for clients of ours thus, shortening the wait time by several months.

Gear & Equipment

Here is the list of items you are definitely going to need:

  • 5000 cubic in backpack -Rifle & Ammo -Sleeping Bag -Sleeping Pad -HD Binoculars
  • Waterproof hiking boots at least 10- 12in high
  • Skinning knife (we recommend Havalon)
  • Headlamp (With spare batteries)

-Rain Gear (Helly Hanson, Impertech)

  • Half a dozen pares of Merino wool socks
  • At least 3 base layer tops and bottoms
  • At least 3 pairs of hunting pants
  • At least 3 long sleeve tops
  • Down jacket
  • Wool base layer gloves
  • Mechanics gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Gaters (we recommend Kenetrek or Outdoor research)
  • Thermacell (cartridges can be purchased in town upon arrival)
  • Wool beanie
  • Sunglasses
  • Water filter
  • Nalgene bottle, or hydration bladder
  • Portable Battery Chargers (We have a saying in Alaska, "Cotton Kills!" DO NOT BRING COTTON BASED ANYTHING!)

Weapon Details

We HIGHLY recommend a minimum of a 300 Winchester magnum for any large game hunting you may do. Most of our hunters. Bring at least 20-30 rounds of ammo. We will preach to you about the use of bonded bullets! Average Bear can take 4 to 6 shots to put down if not hit in the vitals with the first round.

We also will take out archery hunters, it is recommended that the hunter also brings a rifle along as well for the trip. Archer should be able to shoot accurately at least 60 yards. The bow must be at least 60-pound draw weight. We DO NOT! allow mechanical broadheads.

Handgun hunters need at least a 44 Magnum, and they must be using bonded bullets as well.

Muzzleloader Hunters need a rifle that is at least .50 Caliber in size

Pricing Details

10 Day hunt $18,500/person 1x1 guide service $16,500 per person for 2x1 guide service

Trophy Fees: Grizzly - $9,500 Black Bear - $3,500 (per bear, 3 total allowed)

You pay Separately!

  • Your flight to and from Anchorage
  • Extra bush flights
  • Lisense And Tag Fees
  • Hide/ Meat Shipping
  • Taxidermy Fees


10x10 or 12x12 base camp tents Cots provided. 2 person backpacking tents if the hunter chooses to spike out.

Physical Requirements

Hunter should be able to walk up to 4 miles per day in moderate terrain Hunter should be able to carry a 40lbs pack. (a lot of our clients are 60+ years old, with moderate physical limitations and we typically never have a problem getting them on animals. We go at the pace of the hunter.)

Permit & Tag Application Process

Over the counter (Guaranteed tag) Annual hunting License ($160) Moose tag ($800) Grizzly ($1,000) Black Bear ($450) Wolf ($60) Wolverine ($350)

Terms & Conditions

If booking for the current calendar year, a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% is due 120 days before the hunt start date.

If not in current calendar year, 25% Non-Refundable deposit. Second 25% is due 1 year from hunt start date. Final 50% is due 120 days before hunt start date.


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Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
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From June to June
Bear, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly
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Shotgun, Crossbow, Muzzleloader, Bow, Rifle, Handgun
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