Alaskan Yukon Moose Hunt - 11 Full Hunting Days - 1x1

that starts on September 15th until September 24th.
Costs from $25,000.00.

Fully Guided 11-day spot and stalk moose hunt, this hunt is conducted during the rut. We usually see multiple bulls. You are the only client in camp (you will have a packer on hunt with you at all times as well)

What to Expect

From the logistics standpoint. You will fly into Anchorage, where you will be picked up by either an A-Team Outfitting representative or one of the shuttle van companies we utilize and taken to an Air BnB in Willow, Alaska. The next morning you fly out of Willow (via wheel cub, or cub on floats) and into the hunting area. Since you cannot hunt the day you fly, once at camp you will spend the day setting up camp, glassing for moose, and coming up with a game plan for the hunt. Most of our hunters have their moose killed by the 4th day of their hunt since we only hunt during the rut. You should expect to sleep in 10x10 or 12x12 "base-camp tents" (you will have your own tent) You will be eating an array of homecooked meals and freeze-dried foods. You can expect to hike very little at most 2 miles with us we try our best to bring those moose to you. (typically we climb up to a vantage point, and spend the day glassing and calling) After the moose is downed we spend 1 to 2 days packing the meat, hide and skull out of the field, we are required by law to get all the meat out of the field first before the trophy (NO EXCEPTIONS!) after the meat has been secured and exfiled from camp, we can hunt bears, wolf or wolverine on a trophy fee. (see pricing section)

After The Hunt: Your meat is then flown back to town where we have a walk-in cooler to keep the meat preserved while you continue your adventure. We will take your hide(s) and skull(s) to "Arctic Wolf Tannery" In Anchorage, they do a lot of work for us and this is by far both the fastest and safest way to get your animal tanned, packaged, and shipped to either your home or your taxidermist of choice anywhere in the world.

Most hunters take 50 - 150 lbs of meat with them after the hunt, Usually packing it into a cooler frozen (we use "fish boxes" found at most local stores) rather than making it a checked bag for their commercial flight home. Again, since it's a Class-C felony to waste editable game meat in Alaska Any meat not taken by a client will then need to be "transferred" to us via a "Meat Transfer Of Possession Form" This then in turn makes the unwanted meat our possession, our staff uses what we can from the harvested animal, and then we donate the remaining balance of meat to local organizations like homeless shelters, or people in need.

Gear & Equipment

Wader Boots Simms G3 or Lacrosse Big Chiefs Good Boots: I recommend Lowa, Scarpa, Schnees, Kennetrex Socks: 6 pairs of wool socks, I prefer Darn Tough Long underwear 3 tops and bottoms, Merino Shirt: 3 Long sleeves, wool or synthetic (midweight) Jacket: Fleece or down Raingear: I like Helly Hanson Impertech Gloves: 1 pair wool 1 waterproof layer Wool beanie Headlamp: with spare batteries Gaiters Water Bottles: Nalgene or water bladder Sleeping Pad Binoculars: HD 10×40 with a Binocular harness Eye Protection: UV Sunglasses Rifle: At least 300 win mag with 2 boxes of ammo Backpack: at least 4000 cubic inches Personal Hygiene Products

Weapon Details

We HIGHLY recommend a minimum of a 300 Win Magnum for any large game hunting you may do.

We will preach to you about the use of bonded bullets! Moose and bear can soak up lead! These rounds stay together very well (over 90% weight retention)

We also will take out archery hunters for moose if you are interested in that reach out! We tell hunters that if they're comfortable and accurate shooting a bow at 60 yards we can typically get a shot. Note: You can and should bring a rifle as well, or borrow the guide's gun if needed.

Handgun hunters need at least a 44 Magnum, and they must be using bonded bullets as well.

Muzzleloader Hunters need a rifle that is at least .50 Caliber in size

Pricing Details

Price includes cost of flight into and out of camp, flights associated with meat and hide hauling, guide and packer wages, food, equipment etc


10x10 or 12x12 base camp tents and cots provided 2 person backpacking tents if the hunter chooses to spike out. (Hunter gets their own tent)

Physical Requirements

Hunter should be able to walk up to 3 miles per day in moderate terrain Hunter should be able to carry a 40lbs pack. (a lot of our clients are 60+ years old, with moderate physical limitations and we typically never have a problem getting them on animals. We go at the pace of the hunter.)

Permit & Tag Application Process

Over the counter (Guaranteed tag) Annual hunting License ($160) Moose tag ($800) Grizzly ($1,000) Black Bear ($450) Wolf ($60) Wolverine ($350)

Terms & Conditions

If booking for the current calendar year, a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% is due 120 days before the hunt start date.

If not in the current calendar year, a 25% non-refundable deposit. The second 25% is due 1 year from the hunt start date. final 50% is due 120 days before the hunt start date.

If interested in adding a secondary species to the hunt. Hunter will pay for that secondary species on a trophy fee basis.

  • Grizzly/ Brown Bear: $9,500
  • Black Bear: $3,500 per bear (3 bears total)
  • Wolf: FREE
  • Wolverine: FREE


Nearest Airport
Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
Season Dates
From September to September
Moose, Alaska/Yukon Moose
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